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Dr. Iftikhar   Ahmed
Executive Director EPO

Contributed in Area: Science Energy Environment Nanobiotechnology.    

   Scientific Research sustainable environmental remediation:  Nanomaterials for Energy / Wastewater,  Bio-refinery, Energy audit & project planning.   


The Professional career of Dr. I. Ahmed can be divided into two decades /eras before PhD (France in 2009-13) and after PhD. It consists of a mixed experience of working in research academics (lecturer in Cambridge Edu. System and University faculty)  as well as industrial research & Development  / international organization  UNIDO /UNDP/USAID. Whereas my professional experience summary is under as: I had to spend major part of pre-PhD and Post-PhD period in national and international organizations in establishing new programs and protocols. Such as UNIDO , 2002-04 .   

 Dr.  Ahmed   MRSC. MACS.   serving Asst. Professor  at Energy Research Centre of COMSATS University Islamabad Lahore campus. Prior to this he has served  USAID –ASU/UET joint venture US-Pak center for advanced studies in energy as faculty/project lead for  laboratory Development  as well as USAID  industrial liaison. He has been the pioneer lead author for MS/PhD curriculum of energy management & sustainability (EMS)  as well as the Renewable energy engineering program. After formal  MSc, M.Phil   Presidents Award  from the Institute of Chemistry University of the Punjab and GCU Lahore, he  completed his PhD from University of Paris Sud France early 2013, with distinction & honorary title of Research faculty as well as an invited speaker to CALTECH  USA.  He has authored 30  publications with accumulative impact factor 121 and 2400 + citations.  

                                He owns a track as trainer of sustainable development / media documentaries for UNO, WWF, ADNOC refinery with awards of excellence from French Society of Microscopy 2012, ADNOC -UAE 2016. He has co-supervised international MS dissertations at Masdar Institute vetted endorsed by MIT-USA in 2015-16, UET and Arizona State University   2017-2018 and COMSATS 2019-2020. He has contributed /accomplished international research projects Such as Masdar city / Trevi-sysytem USA 2016 , Pak-US  Energy modeling  strategy 2017 UET-Arizona state University USA. The Cambridge Examinations recently acknowledged me as an approved international examiner of Oxford -Cambridge Board examinations ( OCR )  supervision and management at A-level examination 2021. During his  tenure as technical expert to Govt of Pakistan, UNEP gave us a certificate for excellence of performance.  

   Visiting Research /Invited Positions: 

  • Aitchison College Lahore – Faculty 2005-07  – Oxford – Cambridge Board  A level  International Examiner 2021- to-date .  
  • California Institute of Technology USA     Invited Research Scientist   2012 
  • Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) :  Invited  Research Scientist  (2016) .      (Establishment of centre for Water informatics & technology) . 
  • Joint Researcher – Hubei University , Wuhan , CHINA      2021-2022   
  • Honrary .Research  Journalist  MDG /Env.       UN information Centre  Isbd. 
  • Research fellow – UNIDO Zero Waste in Petroleum sector            
  • National Cleaner production Policy formulation-Petroleum  
  • National Environment quality standards development for petroleum  
  • Zero water effluent  complete water recycling in refinery 

International Research Projects: 

  • 2001-2004   Zero Effluent in refinery Project UNIDO –NCPC Pakistan 
  • 2007-08       Development of NEQS for Oil & Gas production sector Pakistan 
  • 2007-08     Implementation of Vienna Convention under   UNDP-UNEP   
  • 2009-2013   Photocat Paris Sud  ( HEC-CNRS)  
  • 2014-2015   Optimization and R & D on forward osmosis system in UAE ( Trevi systems USA). 
  • 2015-2016   Green energy efficient waste water treatment zero water waste project. (Masdar City) 
  • 2017-2018   Co-PI:  Arizona state Univ. USA-Pak  Energy Modeling strategy for KPK , Pakistan . 


  • Winner of Presidents of Pakistan Talent Award UGC .  1997. 
  • Cert. of appreciation  as Scientific writer /journalist / broadcaster from United Nations Information Centre for millennium development goals. (2002)  
  • Certif. of appreciation WWF-PK for contribution as Master trainer on  environmental water conservation 2002. 
  • Declared as French Government Scholar (Boursier Français )under Franco-Pakistanis PhD program 2008-2012 ) 
  • Laureate scholar Société Française de Microscopie (SFμ) France (2012 ). 
  • Awarded visiting Assistant Professor at Institute of Chemical Physics ,University of Paris Sacley 2008-20013.  
  • Invited speaker on  dual application of POM-Porphyrinthin film water remmediation and Solarenergy production atCalifornia Institute of Technology USA.(2012) 
  • Awarded as author  (Free) membership of Royal Society of chemistry UK  (2013) 
  • Grant winning research talk on Forward Osmosis water technology  to Masdar city Project /Trevi system USA.  
  • Invited consultant at  Lahore University of management Science (LUMS) –Pakistan for Inst.of water Informatics & technology  2016 
  • Best innovation presentation award   on  Graphene based nano filtration of  river water into drinking water Japan-UAE innovation conference Abu Dhabi UAE 2016. 
  • As technicalAdvisor UNDP earned best country of compliance award of Montreal protocol and Vienna convention for effective  atmospheric Ozone  protection in Pakistan 2007-08. 
  • Awarded  as author (Free) membership of American chemical Society USA   (2020) 
  • Member Editorial Board « International Journal of Energy and Environmental Science(IJEES) » Science Publishing Group USA. 
  • Oxford – Cambridge Board  A level  International Examiner / Evaluation  2021- to date. 

Project Management: 

  • Advanced Project Management:    University of Oxford UK   (2010) 
  • Project Consultant /coordinator: UN Environmental program  (2007-08) 
  • Program   planning & media management  for environment /development    (2001-2005) 
  • Member Executive Council-  Institute of  Physical Chemistry U. Paris Sud   (2010 – 2012) 
  • Member Executive Council –         School of doctoral studies  U. Paris sud    (2010-2012) 
  • Member Organizing committee –            Convocation University Paris sud   (2010-2013). 

Member :  

  • Member Chemical Institute of Canada. ID: 19984 
  • Member Canadian Society for Chemical Engineering. Membership ID: 19984 
  • Member  Royal society of chemistry UK  
  • Member American Chemical Society USAMEMBERSHIP NUMBER: 30874850 
  • Member Société Français de Microscopie (SFμ)France. 

Member Editorial /Reviewer Board:   

  • Oxford – Cambridge Board  A level  International Examiner 2021- to date . 
  • Journal of water Process Engineering – Elsevier Publishing, []. 
  •  Renewable energy- An International Journal. Elsevier Publishing. 
  • Industrial crops & products – Elsevier Journals  
  • Elsevier Journal Infection Prevention in Practice by Health care Society, WC1N 1PG, London UK. Elsevier Publishing.  
  • Saudi Journal of Biological Sciences, KSA, Elsevier Publishing. 

         Institutional   Development Services (Founder role ) :    

  • Establishment of  NEQS for petroleum sector in  NCPC- UNIDO at ARL  2002-2004. 
  • Establishment of  Ozone protection Protocol for Pakistan 2008 Acknowledged with Award UNDP.   
  • Establishment of  US-Pak centre for Advanced studies in Energy at UET Peshawar 
  • USAID –Arizona state Univ. Program Lead for M.S./PhD. Curriculumn Development   
  • USAID –Arizona state Univ.  Program lead Laboratories /Industrial Liaison. 
  • Establishment of  02 National Broadcasting Stations in Islamabad &  Sargodha 2005. 
  • LUMS – 2016 -Estab. Centre for Water informatics (pioneer team).         

International Peer-reviewed Research :  

( Solar PV , Photocatalysis , water Desalination, Waste to biogas , Electrochemical wastewater treatment ) 

Research Data    Publishers     
 Impact Factor   121                Citations :                                2248 
Publications   30                i-10-index                                 15 
Articles   26  American chemical Society   06 
    Under review   03  Royal Society Chem. UK   04 
Nature Publishing  04  Elsevier  UK   08 
Conference paper   04  American Inst. of Physics.USA  03 


Media: Producer /writer / expert opinion maker in national e-media  

  • Program management /Producer: Pak. Broadcasting Corporation Islamabad 
  • Documentary, News & current affairs, UN Radio programs 
  • Founder  Producer at 03  new FM broadcasting stations. 
  • Assoc. TV Producer  (Business plus TV Islamabad )                               

National Media Appearances :