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Phone: +92 332 6193037
Imran Kashif
LLM (Deakin University Melbourne, 2011)
Advanced Diploma of Business Management (BTIA Perth)
MSc Criminology (University of Sargodha, 2016) • LLB (Punjab University Lahore, 2008) •Bachelor of Arts (Punjab University Lahore, 2004) •Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, Power point (Commercial College Bhakkar). Certificate III in Security Operations •First Aid Certificate Level II


Imran Kashif, Chief Executive Officer of Environment & Public Policy Organization (EPO)

Imran Kashif is a dedicated social activist and prominent leader in the field of environmental protection and public health. He currently holds the esteemed position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the renowned non-governmental organization, Environment & Public Policy Organization (EPO). EPO focuses its efforts on Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), climate change, green energy initiatives, and the health sector.

Imran’s passion for humanitarian work is evident through his successful management of the “SightOne” program, an initiative aimed at combating eye diseases. Under this program, Imran and his team provide free intraocular lenses (IOL) and comprehensive eye checkups to those in need. Furthermore, he has been a driving force in promoting cornea donation and registration in Pakistan, ensuring a lasting impact on countless lives through cornea transplants after donors’ passing.

Imran Kashif embodies a strong work ethic and possesses a multitude of valuable skills. He is highly motivated and self-disciplined, known for his exceptional communication and negotiation skills, enabling him to navigate complex cases with tenacity and analytical precision. Imran thrives under pressure, showcasing his ability to make responsible decisions independently. His commitment to lifelong learning and dedication to excellence in all endeavors highlight his outstanding character.

In his earlier professional experiences, Imran held significant roles as a Vice Principal at Zain Law College in Bhakkar, where he actively participated in office administration and legal affairs, imparting knowledge through lectures. He also contributed to IT security and administration at Fujitsu Data Centre in Western Australia. Imran’s expertise as an Income Tax Practitioner at Ali Law Associates involved customer service, legal document drafting, and court appearances.

Imran Kashif’s personal philosophy centers around teamwork, analytical problem-solving, determination, and a strong work ethic. He is a team player who firmly believes in collaborative efforts for achieving success. His journey thus far is a testament to his dedication, quality of work, and commitment to making a positive impact on society.

Education has played a vital role in shaping Imran’s professional journey. He holds a Master’s degree in Criminology from the University of Sargodha, an LLM from Deakin University in Melbourne, LLB from Punjab University in Lahore, and a Bachelor of Arts from Punjab University in Lahore. Imran has further enriched his knowledge and skills through various certifications and technical training, including advanced business management, Microsoft proficiency, security operations, and first aid.

Imran Kashif Khan actively engages with legal associations, holding memberships in the High Court Bar Association Lahore, District Bar Association Bhakkar, and Sargodha Tax Bar Association. His involvement in these associations showcases his dedication to the legal profession and his commitment to fostering positive change within the legal and social spheres.