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By Aslam Jaan Usufzai

The script of our planet has been choreographed by the climate
which seems to be God's manifestation on earth sustaining life in all
its forms, changing naturally over long periods of time. There natural
cycles of change have been overtaken by a rapid rise in temperatures of
the earth’s atmosphere commonly known as the ‘’GLOBAL WARMING’’
being caused by GREENHOUSE EFFECT.
Greenhouses we often see and observe alongside loads in countryside
nurseries in the shape of temporary structures covered by plastic
sheets/glass etc. These structures trap solar energy by letting the sun light in and prevent hast
from escaping, enabling the enclosed plantation to survive extreme cold. Greenhouse gases
work in the same way. In the absence of such a phenomenon the earth would be too and
ultimately cooked todeath. However this natural balance is being ruthlessly jeopardized by us.
We are now experiencing enhanced Greenhouse effect widely thought to be the result of large
quantities of heat trapping gases escaping into atmosphere. These gases as CARBON based, and
include carbon dioxide (CO2), Methane (CH4), Nitrogen di oxide (NO2) and chlorofluoro carbon
(CFC’S) caused by irresponsible human activities such as careless use of fossil fuel as result of
increased trend in use of mechanical transport, smoke from factories and kilns, denuding
landscape by indiscriminate burning and cutting of trees (Deforestation), disposable culture
particularly of plastic goods etc. Pollutants in the air cause ozone layers, a natural defense
against harmful ultraviolet rays, to thin out and crumble douse there by inviting an
environmental disaster of frightening proportion particularly on the pales where ice caps are
shrinking there by reducing the fraction of solar energy reflected back into space and so
increases the temperature further.
Threats are too big and too numerous. We have presented our planet a disastrous gift of
climate change, Deforestation, rising temperatures, shrinkage of polar ice caps, decimation of
wildlife, population explosion, wars, mismanagement of water resources etc. are the issues to
be reckoned with.
The danger is that global warming may become self-sustaining if it has not become so already.
Climate change may kill forest and so eliminate one of the main always in which carbon dioxide
is removed and oxygen is released through process of photosynthesis in the atmosphere. The
rise in sea temperatures may trigger the release of large quantities of carbon dioxide causing to
increase green-house effects and so exacerbate global warming.
Beginning of this century (21st), owing to un presented advances in the field of science and
trichology, has seen earth transforming into a global village and as it would happen by the end
of this century, under compulsion of survival, concepts on which the world has so far has been
erect upon like nationalism, religion, cast, creed and ethnic classes etc. will be rendered
redundant and the human race will unite into one race and class as “Citizen of Earth“. Till then,
not to make this earth a violent palace to dwell. Be cautious – Be slow.
Do not cherish for rosy and romantic afterlife in havens camouflaged in pearly haze in
superstitious, instead consternate in real life and make it worthy of living. Humanity must
understand its abode and its dynamics. Truth, more often than not, needs to be forced through
and so therefore:- Cut down carbon emissions. Protect ozone layer. Reduce electrical
consumption. Harness population explosion. Pump in oxygen. Through pollutants out.
Make walking a luxury. By doing so we will thus be:
Aslam Jaan Usufzai

Environment Protection Organization (EPO) Bhakkar, Punjab, Pakistan.