school Plantations سکولوں میں  شجر کاری

school Plantations سکولوں میں شجر کاری

  • Client: BuildingX
  • Status: In Progress
  • Location: Mountain View CA 94043
  • Building Area: Approx: 330,000 m2

According to a survey, there is a problem of children not going to school due to poverty in Pakistan, especially in Punjab.

There are various factors behind this issue such as:

Economic constraints: Many parents fail to educate their children due to poverty or economic hardships.

Lack of schools: Lack of existing schools in some areas is also a problem due to which some children cannot go to any school.

Different genders: Educating girls in particular is difficult and it takes some courage on the part of parents to send them to school.

Lack of local holidays: In some places, children are not given the opportunity to get education due to lack of holidays.

Failure of education plan: At times government education plans fail due to which children cannot go to school.

Natural Disasters and Crises: In some areas, due to natural disasters or crises, the education system is affected due to which children face difficulties in going to school.

Due to these factors, many children cannot go to school in Punjab and measures are needed to provide them with education. Government and non-governmental organizations should consider this issue and work together for economic, social, and educational development.