Tree Plantation at District Jail Bhakkar

Start time March 15, 2023
Finished Time October 31, 2024 10:00
Address 120-N Mandi Town Bhakkar

The Environment Protection Organization (EPO) will conduct a charity program at the District Jail Bhakkar on Friday, 17th March, aimed at providing support and recreational activities for women and children who are currently incarcerated. As part of the program, the EPO plans to plant various fruity trees within the jail premises to promote greenery and provide fresh fruits to the inmates.

In addition to the plantation drive, the EPO will also provide game boards for the women and children to play and have fun. The games are designed to promote mental and physical health while providing a fun and engaging activity for the inmates.

The charity program is a part of the EPO’s efforts to support all members of society, including those who are incarcerated and may need additional support. The organization believes that it is important to promote greenery and sustainability while providing a fun and engaging activity for the women and children in the jail.

The District Jail Bhakkar authorities have expressed their gratitude towards the EPO for its efforts and are looking forward to the program. The inmates, especially the women and children, are excited to have the opportunity to participate in such activities and receive support from the community.

Speaking about the program, the EPO representative Raja Salman. Advisor: Agricultural Poverty Rescue (APR) said, “We are committed to supporting all members of society and promoting environmental consciousness. Our charity program aims to not only promote greenery and sustainability but also provide a fun and engaging activity for the women and children in the jail. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the District Jail Bhakkar authorities and hope to continue such events in the future to promote a healthier and happier environment for all.”