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TANZEEM TAHAFAZ-E-MAHOLIAT (Environmental Protection Organization EPO). EPO is a non-governmental, not-for-profit, non-sectarian and non-partisan dynamic and flexible organization based in district Bhakkar of Punjab province with a global vision and local focus- was set up in 1996 to increase the consciousness and knowledge about the environment and the major environmental problems facing the Earth today. EPO has been providing leadership role in the field of environment and resource management since its inception. EPO has been engaged in environmental development activities with a philosophy social development by self-help and community participation. EPO is registered under the social welfare agencies 1961(XLVI of 1961). EPO registration date is 06th August 1996. EPO registration number is DDSW (SGD) 96-372. It’s a human-centered NGO. EPO could also be labeled as an implementing organization which designs and implements various developmental projects with the financial and technical support of international donor agencies and the government. Work to achieve our vision through promotion of resource mobilization with close coordination of Vulnerable communities. NGO’s, INGO’s and Government Departments.

Vision: Sustainable clean and Healthy society

Mission: Work to achieve our vision through promotion of resource mobilization with close coordination of Vulnerable communities, NGO’s, INGO’s, and Government Departments.

Our Values
⦁ Protect the Nature
⦁ Equity and Justice, to ensure that everyone – irrespective of sex, age, race, color, creed, class and religion.
⦁ Gender Justice
⦁ Prevent The Blindness
⦁ Community Empowerment.

Means of Action:
1 Interactive and Participatory.
2 Community Mobilization
3 Awareness Rising.
3 Capacity Building and Advocacy to mobilize the communities.
4 Community led

Our Core Program’s

⦁ To create the awareness in the masses for the importance of protection of the environmental pollution
⦁ The aim of the EPO-SightOne is to reduce the prevalence of blindness and visual impairment and to improve the quality of life of people with blindness.
⦁ Motivating the people for excessive plantation to fill the wide gaps in the ozone layer
⦁ Linkages development with the district Government department for safe and neat environment.
⦁ Coordination with hospitals management and health department and motivating them to get rid of the syringes, drip bags, surgical hands glove etc per directions of the health care departments.
⦁ Launch massive health hygiene and education campaign in Governmental Institutions.
⦁ Convincing the people to vegetables and greenery in lawns or free available area of the homes.
⦁ Provide renewable energy and solar power energy Sustainable safe, clean and Healthy Environment society
⦁ DRR through Tree Plantation.

Environment Sector Health Sector (ophthalmology)
Clean & Green Pakistan.
Wild life (Protection and hunting of birds).
Solar energy .
Save water
Waste water project
WASH and Environment
Youth Promotion (Awareness child abuse & drugs)
Gender Equality
HWMR (Hospital waste management rules, EPD )
Human Rights & Free Legal Aid Programme (HRFLP)
Health Environment Care Programme

Free Eye Camps
Eye screening (School
going children)    
Cornea Donations
Free Eye surgical treatment     

Major Self help Initiatives and Achievements Projects


  1. Health & Environmental Care project
  2. Solid waste of 100 Houses of ITTIHAD colony Mankera we are managing in this pilot project  with the collaboration of  civil society.
  3. Hospital Waste Management project for private hospitals in Bhakkar. With EPD
  4. Blood donation services project.
  5.  Disaster Risk Reduction and reducing climatic Changes effects at District Bhakkar through awareness and tree plantation.
  6.  Youth Group Capacity building Project With Schools, Collages and University of Sargodha.
  7.  Promotion of Medicinal Plant Maringa for healthy Environment
  8. SightOne project of eye patients and Cornea Donation.
  9. Promotion of renewable energy at District Bhakkar.
  10. Awareness campaigns on WASH, Environment, DRR, HIV, Drugs in education and dengue reduction.

Financial Portfolio

EPO implements its projects with the grants / funding from various national and international donors and government of the province where it works. These grants are usually time-bound and for specific project interventions. EPO has learnt a lot while managing grants of diverse donors and has well developed its financial management capability. Since its establishment in year 1996 till the mid of year 2019; the organization has implemented about Ten projects in different geographic areas and in different sectors amounting to over 10 million rupees.

Review & Monitoring

Monitoring of projects in EPO is always the important and priority matter. There is always a built-in mechanism of review and monitoring for all the projects EPO implements. The processes of review and monitoring help Organization in achieving the project objectives in smooth and timely manner. As the key mechanism of monitoring; the projects are monitored by the implementation teams; the coordinators / managers of the program and the management of EPO.

Organizational Competencies and Capacities

EPO has experienced and qualified human resource which possesses demonstrated skills to handle the projects technically as well as financially according to set TORs and to the complete satisfaction of funding partners. EPO keeps with continuous process of capacity building of staff in field work, monitoring, data entry, finance procedures, report writing and making presentations. The organization believes that human development is the key for sustainable development and since its inception, EPO has been involved in various kinds of projects concerning research, advocacy, social mobilization and awareness and capacity building with gender sensitivity as cross cutting theme. EPOs competency is capacity building, social mobilization, research and analysis, while equality and human rights with particular focus on women rights is also additional of the organization.

Policies and Procedures
EPO has developed clear and comprehensive accounting policies for its financial management system.  Documented policies and procedures provide guidance and structure to staff; a basis for consistent treatment of financial data and the foundation for controls and financial accountability. EPO has:
1. Financial Policy.
2. HR Policy.
3. Procurement Policy.
4. Gender Policy.
5. Resource Conservation Policy.
6. Social Mobilization Policy.

Governance & Management

Environmental Protection Organization EPO is governed by its executive body . The executive body is the key policy making and governance body of the organization and works independently. It formulates and approves policies and organizational systems and evaluates the overall performance of EPO on period basis.

List of Executive Body as of July 04, 2019

Team EPO:

All have a significant role to find sustainable solutions for environmental issues and socio-economic development.

  1. Director programmes                                       Dr Mazhar Abbas Naqvi
  2. Programme Manager                                      Aslam Jaan
  3. Ophthalmologist                                               Dr. Mutti Ul Qaim
  4. Project  Engineer                                              Talha Moeed Rana
  5. Environmentalist                                               Maj.(R )M. Khalid Khan
  6. Veterinary Epidemiologist                                Dr Mesam Abbas
  7. Legal Advisor,                                                   Sayed Danial Naqvi
  8. Educationalist                                                   Mehy Talat
  9. IT Engineer                                                        Saad Khan
  10. IT Engineer Developer                                      Ubaid ur Rahman
  11. Civil Engineer (DAE)                                        M. Humais Khan
  12. Graphics Designer                                             Shahid Nadeem
  13.  Journalist                                                         Syed Aftab Husain Burney

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