What we do

           Projects & Interventions:

  • Health & Environment Care Program (HECP)
  • Mobilization of youth for the rescue work in flood affected areas
  • Launching of free medical camps
  • Distributions of relief goods in affected areas
  • Identification & assessment of damages in flood affected areas
  • Distribution of water containers and aqua tablets with the collaboration of WHO in Union Council Dhandla, and Buchi Wala(Yousaf Shah)

             Fight powerty






Action Against Dangue

In the wake of Pakistan’s worsening dengue fever epidemic, EPO has been entrusted with responsibilities to make its contribution in the Anti-Dengue Campaign launched by the Government of Punjab.

Celebrate With Us..      

Our goals for planting  trees are as simple as they are important:

- Fight climate change and pollution;
- Support communities, their local economies, and their way of life;
- Protect biodiversity; and
- Inspire millions of people to join us in environmental citizenship and stewardship.

Celebrate With Us..