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About Us


TANZEEM TAHAFAZ-E-MAHOLIAT (Environmental Protection Organization) EPO is a non-governmental organization (NGO). Initially its main activities and projects were concentrated in District Bhakkar but with the passage of time the Organization intervened in other districts like D.I.Khan, Mainwali, liya, and ICT. Besides these districts the Organization has developed good working relations with most of the organizations and departments of other districts of the Punjab. Founded in 1994, EPO was registered in 1996 under the Voluntary social welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961 (XLVI of 1961). It is a non-profit and non-ethnic organization concerned with the physical, social and cultural environment of the region.


Sustainable safe, clean and Healthy Environment society.


Work to achieve our vision through promotion of resource mobilization with close coordination of Vulnerable communities, NGO’s, INGO,s and Government Departments.

Our Values

  1. Community Empowerment
  2. Promotion of dignity of vulnerable groups.
  3. Equity and Justice, to ensure that everyone – irrespective of sex, age, race, color, class and religion.
  4. Gender Justice, honesty, integrity, social acceptability, accountability & participatory approach

Means of Action:

  1. Interactive and Participatory.
  2. Community Mobilization
  3. Awareness Rising.
  4. Capacity Building and Advocacy to mobilize the communities. 


  1. To create the awareness in the masses for the importance of protection of the environmental pollution.
  2. Motivating the people for excessive plantation to fill the wide gaps in the ozone layer
  3. Linkages development with the district Government department for safe and neat environment.
  4. Coordination with hospitals management and health department and motivating them to get rid of the syringes, drip bags, surgical hands glove etc per directions of the health care departments.
  5. Launch massive health hygiene and education campaign in Governmental Institutions.
  6. Convincing the people to vegetables and greenery in lawns or free available area of the homes.
  7. Trying to provide renewable energy and solar power energy Sustainable safe, clean and Healthy Environment society  

Celebrate With Us..      

Our goals for planting  trees are as simple as they are important:

- Fight climate change and pollution;
- Support communities, their local economies, and their way of life;
- Protect biodiversity; and
- Inspire millions of people to join us in environmental citizenship and stewardship.

Celebrate With Us..